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A Fathers Love


   Sometimes, our children forget how much we love them.  Sometimes life throws in changes that we never expected. The parents we planned to be didn’t happen.  We seem to grow apart as they get older. We hope they will see how much we still love them as they experience their love for their children.



Cloud Nine


   A new love is so exciting and full of hope. The infatuation, the attraction, the chemistry, the total heart felt joy of someone who just feels ‘perfect’ to our life. This ‘heavenly’ feeling is ‘Cloud Nine’.



Cowboy Cody


   When my son Cody was four, I watched him riding a ‘stick horse’ around the yard. You could see his imagination about riding a wild horse and being the champion of the rodeo This inspired me to write a song about the ‘best cowboy in the world’.






   Finding ‘true love’ over internet can be quite an adventure of chance. So with a little bit of ‘humor’, you will enjoy this song. I was just feeling a little silly when I wrote this one.




Everlasting Love


   When my daughter was 4, she would be singing to the top of her voice, songs that she had learned from the radio,…and she was already in tune. I told myself, ‘Someday, I want to sing a song with my daughter, Cassondra.’ When she was 23, I got my wish. I wrote this song for us to do together. I feel it is a treasure for us both for the rest of our lives. Many parents will identify with this song.





Heaven On Earth


   Once in a while, a ‘body’ just catches your eye. Like ‘WOW’ , how could you be so pretty, sexy, sweet, loveable, adorable,….all in one package? This is a song I wrote for such a lady. I know some of you will identify with this song.




I Think of Yesterday


   Raising six of us by herself, my mother is a very strong woman. A few years after we all left home, she sent us all a poem that she wrote. I took her poem, changed the direction, and wrote a song back to her. Many mothers will love this song.




In My Dreams


   This song came from a poem that I wrote for a girl in high-school. You remember, the one who is sooooo pretty that she just makes you dream about the possibilities of ‘really touching her, of being her boyfriend!! I wish I could find her today. I would like to share with her the song I wrote because of my infatuation for her in high-school. She never got the poem. I was too shy.



It’s Been Awhile


    "Have you ever looked back, remembering a love in your life and asked yourself,... "I wonder how we would feel to see each other again?" ...This song was written for my high school sweetheart. I played out my fantasy of what would happen if we ever got together again, and how we would feel... So far, it hasn't happened, but I just wonder....would it be a good thing? We loved and gave each other our many years ago. Would we touch old feelings with a smile? She was my 'first love' and there can only be one 'first love'.








Little Things


   This song was a Christmas gift for my wife. She had no idea that I had written and recorded it just for her. If you listen to the words, they tell the whole reason for the songs title. We had very little as far as ‘things’ in our life. We were living in an old 1971 double wide mobile home that we had ‘fixed up to be livable out in the woods. Money was very little in supply,…most of

us know how life gets to be sometimes. But my wife is so beautiful in so many ways. Because of her belief in us, life was and is just perfect anyway.





The Love of My Life


    I like to call this my ‘wedding song’. I have sung it and it has been used for weddings.

There is a special message in this song. “The stars in heaven, forever will hear, the songs I’m singing, of love we share.”

            We have to understand that ‘radio waves’ travel forever through out our galaxy and possibly someday other galaxies. The first radio waves that were ever broadcasted are still traveling through the stars. So, to my wife, I wrote in the last verse, “The stars in heaven forever will hear the songs I’m singing, of love we share”. My songs to her will still be traveling in the stars long after we are both passed away. I will sing my love songs to her forever.




Loving You With Country Songs


   We have to love with what we can. Money, fortune, or security doesn’t always play a part in the love we wish to give to someone. So we make do with what we have. In this song, all I had was my talent to write a love song. I had no money and very little of anything else.




 Make It Last



Meeting someone new is so exciting and the feeling to rush the good feelings sometimes happens. It’s like digging up the seed that is planted just to see if it is really going to grow…not so wise. You will kill the seed. This song is about slowing down and letting the relationship grow on its own. Below is a poem I wrote in high school and is where this song was inspired from.                        






Our Tree


Let us plant a tree together,

One that’s green in any weather,

One that grows toward the light of everyday.


Let us cultivate the ground,

With bits of love all around

We’ll nurture all the roots by things we say.


Let’s be patient as is grows,

We’ll water deep with lots of hope,

We’ll watch our tree get stronger in good time.


Then we’ll share the sweetest fruit,

From the love of me and you,

A solid healthy tree of yours and mine.




More Than a Friend


            I have been very fortunate to meet someone who I will always be in love with. It doesn’t matter weather I am married/single/old/young. From the day we became friends, we knew we would always be more than just a friend; and you will love them for that.



Not Through Loving You Yet


            After a few months or years the ‘same-O-same-O’ of our lover might seem to get old. With the’ forever lover’ attitude, it doesn’t have to be that way. My wife and I renew our affection every day with little bits of love and gestures that we give to each other. The bondage grows even stronger as we grow to live for each of these sharing moments. A true working love becomes a dependable ‘habit’ of love.






            My mother had six of us before our dad died. We all grew up and moved to different parts of the country. When we found out our youngest brother was coming home on leave from the Air-force and was soon going to die, we had to get together again.  Aztec, New Mexico was home for us all and where my mom still lived. I wrote this song for our reunion. I am glad I did, my younger brother got to hear it before he passed away.









            My Cousin Duane Bixler called me one day. He said, “Ronnie, I was in church the other day, and this little rhyme kept going through my head.” After he told me what it was, he said, “Do you think you could make a song out of it?”  That was a few years ago and since then, Duane has been living with Alzheimer’s disease. He soon will die and his song will be played at his funeral.




She’s My Lady


I am so lucky to have such a beautiful lady as my wife. We have gone through so much together and love each other so completely. This song was

from the depth of my heart and I am very proud that I could write this song for such a deserving lady. I feel, and you might too, this is one of my best.





Tell Me


            There are so many ways to say, “I love you”. Tell Me in all the ways you can for all of my life.




The Love Bug Itch


            When I was very young, my older sister Darlene used to sing a little rhyme to us.

This little song stuck with me. As I grew to writing songs, I decided to use my sisters’ song and write my own version. I only remembered two lines, so I put in my own words and arrangement. It is a ‘Fun’ song to sing.



We’re Still a Family


            My children were very young when their mother and I separated. My heart and life were torn apart. Divorces with children have to be the worst because they are torn too. I wrote this song for many dads that have to live through this with their children.





Where Roses Bloom


            While walking through a park one day, I met a very pretty and sweet lady. We talked with such comfort, and for that day, it was perfect. We shared such warmth together, and I fell in love for the moment. When the day was over, we said goodbye, and I never seen her again. It is such a beautiful memory to me. I had to write this song for her.  I wonder if she was an angel




You’re Real


            The infatuation of a new love that amazes you so. From past disappointments, you wonder, ‘Is this real?’ Should I feel this way so fast? I wrote a poem for a girl many years ago because that is how we felt. I took that poem and turned it into this song. This is the first song I ever wrote.


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