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European Country Music Association: Top 30 (April-May 2005)

  1. Arly Karlsen Walkiní the floor over me
  2. Slow Horses I canít look at that
  3. Angela White Rocky top
  4. Patsy McGlamry-Dean Don't let it be today
  5. Shelley Buffitt Wishing I was her
  6. Rascal Flatts Bless The Broken Road
  7. Billy Yates Anywhere But Nashville
  8. Erin Hay This lonely world weíre living in
  9. Ronnie Brackett Itís been a while
  10. Buster Doss Lying Again
  11. Billy Mata Beer Drinking Music
  12. Mike Clifford Get The "L" Out Of L.A.
  13. Pete Schlegel Liquor to like her
  14. Silverwood My side of town
  15. Connie Strange Guardian angel of mine
  16. Anita Perras You should dream
  17. Roy Rivers & Dolly Parton Thank God I'm a country boy
  18. Hank Ray Six more miles to the graveyard
  19. Dierks Bentley Lot of leaviní left to do
  20. Ernie Ashworth I feel better than I meant to
  21. Leo Stokes Honkytonk Heartache
  22. John David Lamb I fell in like
  23. Judy Kanyo Old Fashioned Heart
  24. Steve Porter Back to the country
  25. Richard Palmer I Need A Breather
  26. Gretchen Wilson Homewrecker
  27. Keith Urban You're my better half
  28. Clint Miller Kneeling dunkardís plea
  29. Trudy Jane Hook line
  30. Mike Runnels Pretty Girl